Post-pandemic: Divorce

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Divorce lawyers across America are reporting a huge spike in the number of calls from those seeking a post-pandemic divorce. Firms are reporting double, triple and even quadruple the normal volume of calls.

The number of reported divorces would have likely shot up sooner if not for the partial closure of most courthouses during the Covid-19 shutdown. As restrictions now ease and government offices and courts reopen, divorces are being filed in what many believe will be record numbers.

Why the increase?

There are likely a number of reasons for the apparent surge in post-pandemic divorce cases. One is that stress can obviously put pressure on relationships. A global pandemic forcing the entire country to be stuck at home (without toilet paper) and nearly 40 million Americans being out of work, causes enormous stress.

An added issue that has been reported is, if a couple is already under unusual strain because of these current circumstances, and perhaps not quite themselves because of it, being simultaneously stuck in the same house or apartment together with their spouse for months, can make things that much more unbearable.

Another theory is that some couples are getting a taste for what retirement might look like and it may not be what they expected.

Is this who I married?

A relationship counselor recently pointed out that, people may be asking “is this who I married?” And the answer she says is no, it’s not who you married. It’s your spouse under enormous stress brought about by an unprecedented situation. Something many people are simply not prepared for emotionally. Many people simply aren’t themselves right now.

Experts say those who wait may have it right.

Before you file a post-pandemic divorce, it may be worth noting that a respected psychiatrist was reported saying that: As restrictions ease and life gets closer to normal, people may start felling like themselves again, your spouse may start acting like themself again and… news flash… you may start feeling and acting like yourself again too.

There is no waiting however, for the reportedly vast number of couples in the circumstance where one spouses has already filed or made arrangements to file for divorce. The huge spike in divorces is already happening.

By Christopher Yannon

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